About Dr. Augie Mauser

What’s your favorite Hobbies/Sports?

Smoking a Fine Cigar;”Attending In Person” or TV watching of College and Professional Football, Basketball and Baseball; Spending time with wife Jean, other family members, cigar buddies and my English Bulldog and Retired Greyhound .

What is the most interesting thing that has happened or you’ve done in your lifetime?

My visit to HONDURAS related to my Cigar Business; My Humanitarian Mission to CUBA to consult at the Havana Children’s Rehabilitatione’ Center. Also, my Research Sabbatical from USF to Washington, D.C. to work with the JOS. P. KENNEDY FOUNDATION’s OFFICE of SPECIAL OLYMPICS on the UNIFIED SPORTS PROGRAM.

What are you most proud of?

In addition to my longevity (since 1983) in the Cigar business and the many great customers and wonderful friends I’ve acquired along the way, I’m most proud of my wife Jean and family and also the variety of awards and recognition received in both “academics and athletics” i.e. the WILLIAM C. MORSE AWARD for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Special Education, The CALEB MILLS Outstanding Professor Award at Indiana State University, my induction into the EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA SPORTS HALL OF FAME; being a Member of the Indiana University’s Football Team’s “DICKENS BOYS”; the UNITED STATES JAYCEES OUTSTANDING YOUNG MEN IN AMERICA and of course being one of the “Original” 13 UGLY MEN of TAMPA BAY Charity Group.